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MP3 and MIDI Codec - VS1053B


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VS1053b receives its input bitstream through a serial input bus, which it listens to as a system slave. The input stream is decoded and passed through a digital volume control to an 18-bit over-sampling, multi-bit, sigma-delta DAC. The decoding is controlled via a serial control bus.

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In addition to the basic decoding, it is possible to add application specific features, like DSP effects, to
the user RAM memory.

VS1053b from VLSI is a single-chip Ogg Vorbis/MP3/AAC/WMA/MIDI audio decoder and an IMA ADPCM and user-loadable Ogg Vorbis encoder. It contains a high-performance, proprietary low-power DSP processor core VS DSP4, working data memory, 16 KiB instruction RAMand 0.5+ KiB data RAM for user applications running simultaneously with any built-in decoder, serial control and input data interfaces, upto 8 general purpose I/O pins, an UART, as well as a high-quality variable-sample rate stereo ADC (mic, line, line + mic or 2×line) and stereo DAC, followed by an earphone amplifier and a common voltage buffer.

Available in a LQFP-48 pin 7x7x1.4mm package.

: Ogg Vorbis, MPEG 1 & 2 audio layer III (CBR+VBR+ABR), layers I & II optional, MPEG4 / 2 AAC-LC(+PNS), HE-AAC v2 (Level 3) (SBR + PS), WMA4.0/4.1/7/8/9 all profiles (5-384 kbps), WAV (PCM + IMA ADPCM), General MIDI 1 / SP-MIDI format 0 * Encodes two different formats: from mic/line in mono or stereo Ogg Vorbis with software plugin, IMA ADPCM * Streaming support * EarSpeaker Spatial Processing * Bass and treble controls * Operates with a single 12-13 MHz or 24-26 MHz clock * Internal PLL clock multiplier * Low-power operation * High-quality on-chip stereo DAC with no phase error between channels * Zero-cross detection for smooth volume change * Stereo earphone driver capable of driving a 30­ ohm load * Quiet power-on and power-off * I2S interface for external DAC * Separate voltages for analog, digital, I/O * 16.5 kiB on-chip RAM for user code and data * Serial control and data interfaces * Can be used as a slave co-processor * SPI flash boot for special applications * UART for debugging purposes * New functions may be added with software and up to 8 GPIO pins


  • Decodes multiple formats



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